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During your first consultation with your doctor, you’ll explain your reasons for having the surgery. Your doctor will examine your nose and facial structure and discuss the possibilities (what your nose could look like) and the procedure with you. Together, you’ll develop a plan for surgery and healing. This plan will determine the specific surgical techniques and anesthesia to be used. There are different factors that should be checked before cosmetic nose surgery.

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All cosmetic surgery consultations begin with a thorough health history. This is especially true if general anesthesia is being used but also applies to local anesthesia.


General health problems are important to discuss so that your surgery is as safe as possible. Be sure to mention any chronic illness. Of particular concern are: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, liver and kidney disease, stroke, cancer, bleeding problems, and wound healing problems.


With rhinoplasty it is especially important to mention all previous nasal or sinus surgeries. Previous trauma to the nose is important. If you have traumatic changes to your nose it is helpful to bring in pictures of what you looked like before your injury.


Be sure to list all medications you take including aspirin and over-the-counter medications. These are important as they may increase bleeding and affect your surgery. It is extremely important to stop taking aspirin and aspirin containing products at least two weeks before surgery. Acetaminophen-codeine is a good alternative.


Information about medications that cause allergies is very important so that these medications can be avoided. Of particular importance is the reaction you had, especially if you had trouble breathing.


These 3 will certainly affect your surgery. Smoking causes a profound decrease in wound healing and will lead to worse scarring and a less favorable result.


Adolescence is the most important age to increase self-confidence

In kids, there are certain limitations that prevent them from plastic surgery (Rhinoplasty) before maturation is complete. Most girls at the age of 16 and boys at the age of 18 have reached full maturity and can undergo Rhinoplasty. Correction of nose problems in this age causes to rich a good self-confidence at this golden time of their life. And we shouldn’t forget that in this period of time teenagers not only knows their selves but also probably plan their future’s life.

It’s never late for Rhinoplasty to rich a more beautiful nose

Nowadays a significant of applicants of Rhinoplasty are over the 40, most of them say that they didn’t have satisfaction of their shape of nose and finally refer to Rhinoplasty. If the general situation and health of person is good it’s never will be late for Rhinoplasty to rich a more beautiful nose. Of course haven’t forgotten that, for a Rhinoplasty should refer to Rhinologist and before that talk.


Nasal shape is governed in large part by the size and shape of the underlying nasal skeleton. As a consequence, cosmetic rhinoplasty is largely directed at modifying the underlying skeletal contour in order to achieve a more desirable external appearance. However, because the skeletal framework is covered by skin and subcutaneous tissues such as muscle and fat, perhaps the single most important surgical characteristic of the nasal skin is its overall thickness. Nasal skin of intermediate thickness with a smooth and healthy complexion is by far the most amenable to cosmetic rhinoplasty, whereas skin types at the extremes of thickness – too thick or too thin – are the least favorable. Scarring tendencies and skin elasticity are two other important factors which can profoundly influence the surgical prognosis.


Rhinoplasty should be done while the person has the mental preparation along physical preparation.

How to Prepare Yourself for Cosmetic Surgery

  1. ۱st step: Prepare for the surgery Both the mind and the body must be completely at ease and comfortable with the idea of the operation before you proceed with it. If not, you will only get more anxious as the surgery approaches and the ride may not be smooth.
  2. ۲nd step: Understand the ‘How to’ and ‘What to do’ before the operation Charge of you will hand out several pamphlets to you containing information you should know about the procedure you are about to undergo. Read up on as much as you can, so that you know the process like the back of your hand and nothing remains that can surprise you or scare you.
  3. ۳rd step: Don’t be shy to ask for more information from the doctor either Though some questions may seem inane to you, they are still important and you deserve answers on what you are facing and what to expect. Doctors will not refuse your queries, and it is natural for you to have questions. Makes notes if you feel like while speaking to your doctor, so that you are able to reread his answers at a later date to understand them better and relax enough to feel not-so-anxious about your upcoming surgery.
  4. ۴th step: Do some post-surgery preparation as well Because you will feel the need for support immediately after the surgery, it is advisable to have somebody close to you receive you after your surgery and arrange to take you home. It is even better if the person is around for a few days after the procedure, taking care of you. The person in question need not be your partner, but should be a strong and capable person, and able to deal with stressful situations that you may find yourself in. It has to be your choice regarding who you want around you at a sensitive time such as after the surgery.
  5. ۵th step: preparing your house for your recuperation period You may even begin preparing your house for your recuperation period. Health food, with less salt, munchies for hungry times, pillows, magazines to while away time, movies, and the all-important ice packs.
  6. ۶th step: Be prepared for some doubts on the eve of the surgery Since this is the moment of maximum stress, you may feel ill or irritable. Lack of sleep is also a common issue. Some people even develop high blood pressure due to stress. You must deal with this effectively. Deep breathing or meditation techniques are helpful, as is a light-hearted funny movie. Pamper yourself and let the tension melt away from your body.
  7. ۷th step: Enjoy the end results All those years of saving finally seem worthwhile, and you can start a new life with bubbling confidence and zest for the life ahead.